Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Since his first week as a general dentist, Avi has been treating sleep patients.  Avi’s  keen interest in marketing and business for dentists led him to join most of the marketing clubs that dentistry has to offer.  No matter how successful he became at marketing implants and full mouth rehabs,  Avi could not find a successful marketing strategy that led to a constant stream of oral appliance patients.  That all changed in 2010 when he left his general practice to open a company dedicated to sleep.  Though it took two years and millions of dollars, Avi developed a system that literally created 100+ oral appliance patients per month.  Avi has been teaching this system for the past year and a half to create the Dental Sleep Masters program, setting its sights on reaching more dentists, physicians and patients with this model that improves the health care distribution in the world of sleep medicine.